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Full name: Onyx Slabs
Place: Torreon
Country: Mexico
Gender: male
Website: www.onyx-slab.com
MSN: marmoles@hotmail.com
Yahoo: onyxmx@yahoo.com
gTalk: marmolesmx@gmail.com
Skype: mexican-onyx
Signed Up: on September 23, 2011
Homepage: https://onyxmx.picture...


Mexican Onyx Slabs
cel/whatsapp +521 871 118 7030

Is Profesional company in the Onyx and Marble Stone Market bussines We are owners of our own Onyx Quarrys Miele Onyx, Red Onyx and Black Onyx
In the north of Mexico. We are an experienced Company.We have equipment for extraction, including Dimon cutters and hevy equipmentOur Company is located in the city of Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico. We work the stone to create disigns for the most exquisite

Miele Onyx Blocks, Black Onyx Blocks, Pineapple Onyx Blocks, Red Onyx Blocks, Rainbow Onyx Blocks, Orange Onyx Blocks

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